February 12, 2010

The Evolution Of The Doll

Posted in BJD Sightings, Homecoming, Yaret tagged , , at 11:47 am by E.V. Svetova

The description of young Yaret Fairfax from Homecoming, Book II: Longing:

As he gazed into his nephew’s clear eyes, Prior Alric would say, “Verily, it is your good fortune that you are a beautiful child, for you carry yourself no better than a village fool.”

And a beautiful child he was, straight and bright, like a thin sunbeam that strikes through the forest canopy at noon in midsummer. His milky skin was unmarred by a single blemish, his hair like gold melted with silver, his eyes like sparkling ice. His fine dark brows were tightly knitted; when he listened, he cocked his head, dog-like, as his long ears peeked thought the cover of hair, but even that didn’t take away from his inhuman comeliness.

“It’s a sin for a boy to be so fair,” the priory monks whispered. “No good will come of it.”

Below is the evolution of the character’s resin representation.


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  1. Nigel said,

    Such an amazing transformation! From cold plastic to living, breathing person in 6 easy steps!

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