February 18, 2010

Enter Counsilor Llewelys

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Fourteen-year-old Anna is caught up in a snowy netherworld populated by strange characters (misspelling of the word Counsilor is intentional 😉 ). From Homecoming, Book IV: Remembering.

At first glance, he looked like a skinny teenager, but there was something ancient about his smooth face. That which in the features of the others was beautiful, in his face seemed grotesque, as if every part was taken to extreme. The eyes were too big, the nose and mouth too small. His large, elongated ears stuck out, and his skin seemed stretched too tightly over the delicate bones. A long white mane fell over his shoulders, cascading down his back, blending with the long tunic. There was a bird-like quality in the way he cocked his head and moved his fragile body. On the man’s shoulder sat a little white fluffy animal. The man bowed, so that the little creature, which was hiding in his hair, almost fell off his narrow shoulder. Others returned the bow with reverence.

‘Now, this is the real leader,’ thought Anna.

“Counsilor Llewelys,” said Heepi. “Hunter Heylard brought a new one, his skis are dim.”

“Hunter brings one human, true.” The white-haired man’s quiet voice sounded half-questioning, half-affirming.

“I thought Hannah is a new Hunter…” whispered Heylard miserably.

“Scout verifies one human, true,” the white-haired man continued, half-closing his enormous almond-shaped eyes.

“True. Counsilor Llewelys, it’s a young female,” responded the guy in the green parka.

For a moment, the pale Counsilor studied Anna with a tiny frozen smile that made him appear bored and amused at the same time.

“Skiers,” he finally announced, “The Rules of the Seventh Approximation stipulate: If one human comes, it stays until it becomes. If one Skier brings one human, human stays until it leaves. True.” Having uttered this, he turned on his heels and made his exit through the front door.

The doll I chose to portray Counsilor Llewelys is a legendary Dollshe Hound, in White Skin. I just got him today, after many years of coveting this rare and hard to get doll. Full makeup and outfit will follow soon.

Blank Dollshe Hound WS



  1. “bird-like quality”…that reminds me of Aycharaych from “Agent Of The Terran Empire” series by Poul Anderson

    • Katyok said,

      I’m afraid I haven’t read it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else picked up on the same elven quality.

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