July 10, 2010

Anna Hates Her New School!

Posted in Anna, BJD Sightings tagged , , , , at 10:47 pm by E.V. Svetova

Excerpt from Homecoming, Book IV: Remembering:

As if the moving itself wasn’t bad enough. Left behind was Anna’s old town, her school, all of her friends since preschool, her coach and everybody on the team. For all she knew, her new school didn’t even have a cross-country ski team! Where was she supposed to train now, in Central Park?



  1. Olga said,

    I love how she really looks like the grown-up Anna’s teenage version. As if it was a picture of the same doll from years ago, as if she just naturally grew up. Very impressive, both the choice of a doll itself and the make-up. I almost feel like asking for a picture of them together, although it would be hard not to make it tacky, as the subject of time travel itself is. Do you think you can pull it off?

    • Katyok said,

      Thank you! I’m glad there is visible continuity. I’ll look through Book IV, there might be an excerpt I can illustrate with the image of the two of them together.

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