September 17, 2010

Clothes Don’t Make an Elf

Posted in BJD Sightings, The Alva tagged , , , at 12:09 pm by E.V. Svetova

My latest guy, a Dollshe Husky, sat unpainted and naked for several months; while I neglected him, he worked hard for me, modeling for the Great Triathlon on DoA. So, his new aesthetics were long due. Known to his people as Lluth Dé Thyndi, he is remembered by the mortals mostly as King Nuada Silverhand. The noble Alvan warlord lost his sword hand during a decisive battle; by the law of the Alva he could not lead them while in such imperfect state. His hand was eventually restored by the bio-tech arts of Moiré, and he happily ruled the British islands for many centuries, going into the human memory as King Nuada, Nudd, and Lludd.

Here is Lluth, son of Beli, older brother of Llewelys. His royal garments are not finished yet, but clothes don’t make an elf!

The noble Lluth Dé Thyndi, the leader of the British Alva.


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