October 8, 2010

The Crystal That Started It All

Posted in Anna, Homecoming tagged , , , at 11:19 pm by E.V. Svetova

Set into motion.

From Homecoming, Part I: Seeming:

She made it herself with leather cord, silver wire and the pointed crystal shard she found on her first day in New York. She used to pretend the crystal was magical, granting her powers to behold fantastical creatures. She used to wear it on special occasions, and it made her heart pound, made her see things. Yeah, she had this secret game, where she would ride the subway and count the monsters she saw out the front car window… Talk about an overactive imagination! In retrospect, that game was nothing but a self-induced anxiety attack. Funny, what teenage girls could do to themselves to feel special. Some binge and purge, others cut. She counted monsters in the subway tunnels.

Anna flicked the pendant, setting it into motion. Good thing she grew out of it, because as a fashion accessory the necklace didn’t cut it. It made her look like a New Age freak. And these days she was on the other side of the barricades, armed with reason, warding off the dark demons that lurked in the crevices of the human psyche.



  1. Guest said,

    Poor Anna doesn’t know what hit her. 😀

    • Katyok said,

      Ha ha! There is a price for the access to the mysteries of the universe!

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