October 15, 2010

Closeup: Llewelys Dé Moiré

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To a casual human observer all Alva appear the same: androgynously beautiful, aesthetically inclined, skilled at the crafts of their choice. They appear as a homogenous race, which cannot be further from the truth. Not only are they highly individualistic, but also full of contradictions. They are truthful yet elusive, pragmatic yet moralistic, sensitive yet distant. Love is their national obsession, but it has little to do with the human concept of love. Few, however, made a point of involving themselves with human affairs, and are remembered in mankind’s history as gods and heros.

Llewelys Dé Moiré
Concieved on Earth, son to Beli Dé Moiré who was invited to the Earth colony by Yarbonél himself. He is the youngest and most beloved brother of Lluth (aka Lludd, aka God Nodens, aka Kind Nuada). Born on Alvaheim, in the City of Moiré. White hair, silver-blue eyes and white skin. He was the inspiration for the character in “The Conversation of Lludd and Llefelys” from the Welsh mythology. Soul-friend of Yarbonél. Pro-human, participated in the Chaos War, the Coraniad Conflict, and later, in the Ircha Wars on the side of the humans. In the late Bronze Age he was formally married to a human female of Frankish descent for the duration of her lifetime, but failed to produce a viable hybrid.

Llewelys supported Yarbonél’s decision to conceive a child with Ælfled. He considers Yaret his kin, and was the first Alva Yaret met in person; there is a strong bond between them. He saved Anna’s life during her excursion into the Otherword; later, he supported Yaret’s decision to return to the human world.

Llewelys in the morning light

Llewelys Dé Moiré

Showing off his ink.


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