January 7, 2011

Act I: What Yarbonél Saw

Posted in The Alva tagged , , , , , at 12:01 am by E.V. Svetova

Northumbria, 650 AD. Fourteen-year-old Ælfled falls ill with dry fever that has already decimated the House of Fairfax. On the way to see a Christian healer, she is thrown off the horse. One moment the maiden lies motionless in the snow, next she is gone in a blink of an eye, as if the elves took her.

Oh, my lord Yarbonél, couldn’t you just walk by? Have you forgotten the first rule of counseling – never to become involved? Falling prey to your supreme compassion, noble Yarbonél Dé Fal, the lover of mankind.

More beautiful sadness below. Even more to follow next week.


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  1. Rialian said,

    ===Interesting what one finds when one does a search on “wordpress elven” (chuckles) Felt I should say hello and comment, as I see you linked to my site.

    ===My page should be more active soon…just put up a blog for it (I have been on LJ and DW for a while, but I wanted to get some stuff back onto the main site) (http://www.rialian.com/wordpress/ would be the blog), and I am going through the site now to clear up dead links and get it a bit more reflective of what I am up to these days. (such as permaculture-inspired work…)(grins)

    ===Pleasure to make your acquaintance, will read more later!

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