February 4, 2011

Act III: What Ælfled Saw

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Act I: What Yarbonél Saw

Act II: What Llewelys Saw

What Ælfled Saw: She breathed her last and fell asleep on the deathbed of cold snow, never to wake up. But wake up she did in an alien world between worlds, healed by the magical arts of the ælfkind.

A mighty ætheling welcomed her into his glorious halls of crystal and silver. He comforted her, and she feared him not. He was brighter than the Sun, and she loved him. He took her as his wife by the custom of his people. He showed her many wonders. In bliss years flew by like one joyous summer day.

Her only sorrow was that she failed to bear her beloved husband a son. There was no price she wouldn’t pay for that, but alas! it is not natural for the earthly women to conceive by the heavenly men, because for one to ascend the other must descend. So, in his infinite love, her beloved husband gave up his grace so that their child may live. The price was his life and hers.

When time came for her to give birth, she returned to the human world carrying only what she had when she left, save for the son under her heart. Only three days have passed in her homeland, but a lifetime in the Otherworld, and what a lifetime it was.



  1. I got a bit teary at the end when Ælfled left. So bittersweet! But at least they got to love each other and have a life together. Will they ever see each other again?

    The pictures are, once again, phenomenal. You are such an inspiration to me.

    • Katyok said,

      You are much too kind. It was your work that was inspiration to me!

      As far as the characters, I’m sorry to disappoint you, both Yaret’s parents had to give up their life force to create him. They will only live in his imagination, because he never had a chance to meet them.

      That’s why he is so obsessed with having a big happy family of his own. 😉

      • That’s so sad. 😦 But it shows how much they wanted him. It makes sense why he wants 7 kids now. (That’s a lot of kids!)

      • Katyok said,

        I know. Poor Anna, what can I say…

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