March 11, 2011

Girl In The City: What Are You Dreaming Of?

Posted in Anna, Yaret tagged , , at 12:01 am by E.V. Svetova

Their encounter was anything but friendly, at least according to Anna’s recollection. He was intimidating. He harassed her at every turn. He promised to kill her, and even tried. She was lucky to get away. Nevertheless, she would lie if she said that after their ways parted in the Otherworld, she never thought of him. Also, it would be a gross mistake to think that Lord Yaret never checked on Anna.

Sitting by your window

Staring at the light

What are you dreaming of, little girl?



  1. Guest said,

    The love of teen human girls runs in the family, doesn’t it?

    • Katyok said,

      The long answer is: I refuse to dignify this insinuation. The short answer is: yes.

  2. Auxtessa said,

    Я не могу оторваться от фото, где он словно бы смотрит на нее из сна. Это так прекрасно, что мурашки по коже *___*

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