March 18, 2011

Enter Lord Yaret of The Otherworld

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How Do We Spell It?

From Book IV: Remembering. Fourteen-year-old Anna is accidentally crosses into and gets stuck in a menacing and unpredictable netherworld called The Wyssun’ World. She just had an encounter with a creature others refer to as a counsilor, and now is trying to learn more from the only guy who is willing to answer her questions, Scout Semille.

“If anyone looks dead inside, that would be that Counsilor guy… By the way, is it Councilor like in town council or Counselor like in school counselor?” Anna wasn’t really that bookish, she just felt like showing off.
“Well, Counsilors do offer their counsel and they are on the Council, so you can say, it’s both.” Apparently, the Scout took her wisecracking seriously.
“What’s his business, anyway?”
“Oh, Counsilors business is to know the Rules. This world is all about the rules… And then, there is Lord Yaret. His business is to enforce them.”

After he was a Dark Ages barbarian but before he became a model modern day male, he was Lord Yaret, a Counsilor of the Wyssun’ World.

Lord Yaret, a Counsilor of the Wyssun' World



  1. Auxtessa said,

    Пугающий, честно. Ему словно очень холодно изнутри.

  2. Bunni-Chan said,

    Can I ask you what kind of doll that is? I want a BJD doll so bad, but my mom won’t get me one, so I have to save up for it. I never had a BJD doll before, but I would really like one like this one and your other boy too. 🙂 Sorry for asking, I was just curious. ^^

    • Katyok said,

      This is a Sabik Elf in White Skin by Soom, but it is heavily modified by me. If you are interested in BJDs you might want to join the Den of Angels forum, you will find all the answers to your questions there. 🙂

  3. Bunni-Chan said,

    Thank you so much! All of your dolls are beautiful. You modify them so perfectly. 🙂

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