May 6, 2011

Toys For Tots

Posted in Anna, Homecoming, Yaret tagged , , , , at 12:01 am by E.V. Svetova

Remember when Yaret promised Anna seven children? When she got involved with him, she knew about his obsessive-compulsive tendencies, as well as the fact that the elves always fulfill their promises, oh yeah, and that they are also very um.. aware. Anyway, as much as he is a most loving and considerate mate, sometimes Yaret can be too overbearing even for a trained psychologist.

A conversation that occurred a bit earlier.



  1. Tiasdolls said,

    I enjoy Yaret’s tenderness. Beautifully photographed.

    • Katyok said,

      Thank you! I’m glad you see him as tender. I sometimes see him as too overbearing. 😉

  2. Auxtessa said,

    аввввв, Ярет с цветочком)))) так мило!

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