August 19, 2011

The Wall Street Crisis of 1973

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Another photoshoot with the always reliable John Fairfax. This time it’s for a designer specializing in menswear. The art director wanted to convey the 70s feel with a touch of glamorous desperation. The character John was encouraged to inhabit is a young Wall Street broker who has lost everythng and now is contemplating a jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. The only words Yaret understood from this description was lost everything – that was something he could identify with.



  1. Olga said,

    Even though it’s a short hair wig, looks rather feminine… I kinda like it. You think, he thinks to take off the tie before jumping? And will change his mind (about suicide) at the last moment, because he looks better with the tie on, but it doesn’t look good to have it on while jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge?

    • Katyok said,

      All dolls look feminine, even the ones with mustache. As far as the tie – it’s whatever the art director tells him to do. 😉

  2. Eden said,

    This wig is simply stunning for his style, it goes so well with his suit and style ! Would you be kind enough to let us know where the wig is from ? I find it hard to find such good looking short cuts 🙂

    • Katyok said,

      Sure, no problem! You can find this wig in different colors right here, the seller offers them together or separately. Enjoy!

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