December 9, 2011

Dreamy Teen

Posted in Anna tagged , , at 12:01 am by E.V. Svetova

Young Anna, taking a stroll among some modern art installations. Actually, it’s a bird-feeder masquerading as a street sculpture, a little oasis in the middle of a big city. What is this girl thinking about?

Анна на фоне современного искусства. На самом деле, эта инсталляция – кормушка для птиц, маленький оазис посреди большого города. О чем девочка задумалась?



  1. I so enjoy your beautiful pictures. They all seem to tell a story. I too wonder what Anna is thinking about as she stares at her crystal.

    • Katyok said,

      Thank you, dear, you are very kind! Between the two of us, what she’s thinking is one mysterious sorcerer she met in the otherworld. 😉

      BTW, Anna’s story is coming out as a free e-book this Christmas! I just finished the project so I can finally talk about it.

      • I can see why she’d be thinking of him. He is quite unforgettable.

        How exciting that Anna’s story is coming out! I’ll definitely be downloading it. My Kindle is ready and waiting. 😀

  2. auxtessa said,

    Анна вообще девочка неглупая, и ее задумчивость скорее норма, мне кажется)
    Мне очень нравятся цвета, и как ты сочетаешь разные вещи на ней. Очень натуралистичная картинка выходит, на мой взгляд.

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