March 9, 2012

The Morrigan

Posted in The Alva tagged , , , , at 12:01 am by E.V. Svetova

Enough said.



  1. Oh, wow! ❤ I'm so excited to finally see the finished product. I love the Asian influence of the gown, but it has a futuristic look as well, which is lovely and gives it a unique style. Her wig looks beautiful too—so intricate. She just looks so amazing! You must be so proud that she turned out so well.

  2. Katyok said,

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’ve noticed the hi tech part – in my universe the Alva are a spacefaring race, very hi tech; at the same time being functionally immortal makes them very conservative, thus the mix of traditional and futuristic in their fashions.

  3. auxtessa said,

    очень круто получилось) меня немного смущает яркий пояс, но это просто моя личная нелюбовь к таким оттенкам.
    парик интересный, и вообще очень запоминающаяся дама *________*

    • Katyok said,

      Спасибо! Надо было контрастный элемент, а по теории цвета этот наилучшим образом подходит. 😉

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