March 23, 2012

Caireann the Wild Wicce

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Elfdoll Emma Reminisce as Caireann the wild witch, young Yaret’s mentor in the ways of magic and manhood.

This is the description of Caireann, as seen for the first time by Yaret’s loyal retainer Cœnred:

Apprehension giving way to curiosity, Cœnred allowed himself to take a closer look at the wicce. She hardly reached his shoulder, but there was something about this woman that thinking her feeble would be a mistake, one of those that could turn costly. Perhaps it was her shaggy ash-brown mane, surrounding her head like a mighty thunder cloud, or her heavy-lidded eyes, dark gray as well, the same hue as the stormy sky – pitiless eyes that didn’t belong in a young face. ‘Maybe she isn’t that young after all,’ thought Cœnred, peering into the calm face that turned up to meet his gaze. He’d seen faces like hers in Dál Riata, where he lived with Garwig during King Oswald’s exile: those small, hard, Irish features, wide brows, eyes the color of the stormy sky…

Suddenly, she broke into a smile, and it was as if a ray of sun cut through the clouds.



  1. auxtessa said,

    ого, не ожидала ее увидеть)))
    интересная дама нарисовалась)

    • Katyok said,

      Ох, это тот случай когда случайно перепал молд, который я всегда видела этим персонажем. Даром что спящий – Карен по сюжету умерла, так что даже наверное и лучше.

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