April 13, 2012


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Another character from Yaret’s past.
Elfdoll Vivien Reminisce head with eyes opened by me.

An excerpt from Homecoming, Book II: Longing.

670 A.D.

Yaret Fairfax turned twenty the next winter after he returned from Rome. That same spring, he accompanied old Cœnred to the market at the trading port. He now personally attended to the flax and linen trade, which was at the heart of the Fairfax wealth. The flax silver went mainly to replenish the grain supplies. With the linen silver he bought two dozen black-faced ewes and three large soft-wooled rams: Yaret had ideas about recreating fine Italian fabrics at Lynton.

With his men guarding the sheep and the grain, Yaret took Cœnred for one last stroll through the market. He stopped at the tent of a Greek monk who was selling manuscripts, vellums, and writing implements. He lingered by the stand with finely carved bone combs and silver grooming kits, and chatted with the vendors, but didn’t buy anything – he already made all the fanciful purchases for the day. He was in no need of more recepie books or nail picks. He was certainly in no need of more mouths to feed, but when passing by the slave pen, his eyes fell on a girl of no more than fourteen whose state was particularly miserable. She was scrawny and filthy, and by the way she shrank away from men, he could tell she had been violated by her takers. Yaret had seen dark Welsh girls like her, and had never stopped to look twice. But his true sight distinguished in the muddy human mass a faint glow around the her, a weak but pleasant silvery hue. It was the first trace of old magic he had seen in years, and his heart ached with a familiar longing.

He ordered Cœnred to buy her without haggling. Cœnred marveled at his lord’s impulsive nature – the girl was not much to look at – but complied. Although advertised as a good spinner, the girl came at a low price because she was mute, either from birth or from her ordeal.


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  1. auxtessa said,

    Уфф, прочла)
    повезло девочке, что Ярет мимо шастал, ведь все могло бы сложиться куда хуже.

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