PRINT IN THE SNOW: Anna’s Adventure In The Wyssun World

PRINT IN THE SNOW is now available in e-book format in Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Sony Reader Bookstores.

PRINT IN THE SNOW в форме электронной книги доступен в книжных лавках Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble и Sony Reader.

Story at a glance: A competitive athlete, down-to-earth and downright snarky, fourteen-year-old Anna is the girl least likely to lose herself in a fairy tale. It’s her first winter in New York City, where she has just moved with her mother and stepfather, but the city’s magic is lost on her. She hates everything about her new life. She especially resents her mother, who has remarried soon after her father’s death – too soon for Anna’s taste. After another argument, she defiantly sneaks out to ski in Riverside Park.

Much to her surprise she meets another cross-country skier, an attractive, if somewhat eccentric boy about her own age, and develops an immediate crush. Against her better judgment, she follows him into what turns out to be a snow-covered netherworld inhabited by the peculiar Skiers, whose only purpose is to hunt the monstrous creatures known as Wyssun. Mistaken for a boy, Anna is accepted by the Skiers as one of their own, and becomes trapped in the Wyssun World.

Run by the elves – and not the Keebler kind – it’s a confusing and dangerous place. Anna has to get back home before the fairy tale turns into a nightmare.

To escape the Wyssun World, Anna has to unlock many doors to yet other worlds; make new friends and unexpected foes; negotiate glaciers and battle tunnel-dwelling beasts. While she is determined to win the affection of her oblivious crush, she is threatened by the advances of a mysterious half-elven sorcerer, a figure of the complicated adult world she so resents.

As Anna struggles against the monstrous world, she fights her inner monsters as well. Before she discovers the truth about love, she has to learn the value of loss, only then can she find her way home. Of course, it is shorter than she thinks.

Четырнадцатилетняя Анна приезжает в Нью Йорк с матерью, вышедшей замуж вскоре после смерти Анниного отца – слишком скоро на ее взгляд. Анна чувствует себя чужой в большом городе, где ее любовь к беговым лыжам совсем не к месту, и даже снежной зимой негде потренироваться. После очередной ссоры с матерью, она сбегает в парк через дорогу от дома, чтобы пробежаться по заснеженной лужайке и развеяться.

На удивление, она встречает в парке еще одного лыжника, немножко чудного но очень милого мальчика-ровесника. Попав под его очарование, Анна следует за ним в его мир, полный странных чудовищ, где ее новый знакомый – один из Охотников на Выссуней. Заправляют в этом опасном заснеженном мире эльфы, причем совсем не светлые.

Анна должна вернуться домой пока сказка не превратилась в кошмар. Конечно же, путь домой короче чем кажется.


  1. ashbet said,

    I’m going to buy the book, but before I buy it for the Kindle, is a print version with the illustrations going to be available eventually? They’re beautiful, and I’d love to have them to go with the text! (I have an older b/w Kindle, not one of the newer ones that displays illustrations.)

    Thanks! 😀

    • Katyok said,

      Thank you, dear! Yes, the book is available in hardcover and paperback, but they are pricey due to the production costs of an on-demand print. The e-book, however, is only 99 cents. In any case, all the info is HERE.

      • ashbet said,

        Thanks so much!! (For some reason, I’d only been turning up links to the e-book versions, oops!) I’m a sucker for gorgeous illustrations, so I went ahead and got the trade paperback as well as the e-book . . . this way, I can read in my favorite format and still enjoy the images 😉

        (After all, I know that the care and feeding of a resin family can get expensive! *grin*)

        Cheers, and thanks again! ❤

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