January 14, 2013

Print In The Snow AUDIOBOOK

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The Print In The Snow AUDIOBOOK is now available on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.


Narrated by the most talented Tara Mooney, the story truly comes to life!


May 5, 2012

e-Wyssun Wins Gold!

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Rejoice, fellow wyssuns! PRINT IN THE SNOW e-book has won the Gold Medal in the Best Juvenile Fiction E-Book category in the 16th annual 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards competition held by Independent Publisher Magazine.
There were 390 e-books entered in 5 categories, PRINT IN THE SNOW won Gold Medal in Best Juvenile Fiction E-Book category.

Книжка PRINT IN THE SNOW в электронной версии получила золотую медаль в номинации Лучшая Электронная Книга для Детей и Юношества в XVI ежегодном контесте проводимом группой Independent Publisher.
Всего в номинации электронных книг было 390 заявок, в пяти категориях; в общем конкурсе участвовало 5,203 заявок от незавизимых издательств и индивидуальных издателей, в среднем 50 участников на категорию.Всего было 372 медалиста из США, Канады и 10 стран мира.


March 18, 2011

Enter Lord Yaret of The Otherworld

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How Do We Spell It?

From Book IV: Remembering. Fourteen-year-old Anna is accidentally crosses into and gets stuck in a menacing and unpredictable netherworld called The Wyssun’ World. She just had an encounter with a creature others refer to as a counsilor, and now is trying to learn more from the only guy who is willing to answer her questions, Scout Semille.

“If anyone looks dead inside, that would be that Counsilor guy… By the way, is it Councilor like in town council or Counselor like in school counselor?” Anna wasn’t really that bookish, she just felt like showing off.
“Well, Counsilors do offer their counsel and they are on the Council, so you can say, it’s both.” Apparently, the Scout took her wisecracking seriously.
“What’s his business, anyway?”
“Oh, Counsilors business is to know the Rules. This world is all about the rules… And then, there is Lord Yaret. His business is to enforce them.”

After he was a Dark Ages barbarian but before he became a model modern day male, he was Lord Yaret, a Counsilor of the Wyssun’ World.

Lord Yaret, a Counsilor of the Wyssun' World

March 11, 2011

Girl In The City: What Are You Dreaming Of?

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Their encounter was anything but friendly, at least according to Anna’s recollection. He was intimidating. He harassed her at every turn. He promised to kill her, and even tried. She was lucky to get away. Nevertheless, she would lie if she said that after their ways parted in the Otherworld, she never thought of him. Also, it would be a gross mistake to think that Lord Yaret never checked on Anna.

Sitting by your window

Staring at the light

What are you dreaming of, little girl?

June 6, 2010

The Kid

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Before Anna was married to an elf, before she was a practicing clinical psychologist, before she was a grad student, before she was a high school rebel, before she was an angsty teenager trapped in the Otherworld – she was just a kid.

March 14, 2010

Llewelys’ Costume

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I had the weekend all to myself, so here is the finished – more or less – costume of Llewelys Dé Moire. Llewelys is the one who helps the teenage Anna when she accidentally shifts dimensions and ends up in the Otherworld. Llewelys is ancient, he was a friend of Yaret’s father, Yarboneo. For an Alva, he holds a rather positive view of humanity, nevertheless, he always wears armor.

February 18, 2010

Enter Counsilor Llewelys

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Fourteen-year-old Anna is caught up in a snowy netherworld populated by strange characters (misspelling of the word Counsilor is intentional 😉 ). From Homecoming, Book IV: Remembering.

At first glance, he looked like a skinny teenager, but there was something ancient about his smooth face. That which in the features of the others was beautiful, in his face seemed grotesque, as if every part was taken to extreme. The eyes were too big, the nose and mouth too small. His large, elongated ears stuck out, and his skin seemed stretched too tightly over the delicate bones. A long white mane fell over his shoulders, cascading down his back, blending with the long tunic. There was a bird-like quality in the way he cocked his head and moved his fragile body. On the man’s shoulder sat a little white fluffy animal. The man bowed, so that the little creature, which was hiding in his hair, almost fell off his narrow shoulder. Others returned the bow with reverence.

‘Now, this is the real leader,’ thought Anna.

“Counsilor Llewelys,” said Heepi. “Hunter Heylard brought a new one, his skis are dim.”

“Hunter brings one human, true.” The white-haired man’s quiet voice sounded half-questioning, half-affirming.

“I thought Hannah is a new Hunter…” whispered Heylard miserably.

“Scout verifies one human, true,” the white-haired man continued, half-closing his enormous almond-shaped eyes.

“True. Counsilor Llewelys, it’s a young female,” responded the guy in the green parka.

For a moment, the pale Counsilor studied Anna with a tiny frozen smile that made him appear bored and amused at the same time.

“Skiers,” he finally announced, “The Rules of the Seventh Approximation stipulate: If one human comes, it stays until it becomes. If one Skier brings one human, human stays until it leaves. True.” Having uttered this, he turned on his heels and made his exit through the front door.

The doll I chose to portray Counsilor Llewelys is a legendary Dollshe Hound, in White Skin. I just got him today, after many years of coveting this rare and hard to get doll. Full makeup and outfit will follow soon.

Blank Dollshe Hound WS