Yaret + Anna = Hilarity

Homecoming, the novel describes Yaret and Anna’s tumultuous affair, as well as their separate adventures prior to their meeting – his as a 7th Century sorcerer, and hers as a 14-year-old modern day brat. However, since I have these beautiful dolls representing the characters, I couldn’t resist the temptation of putting them together in all kinds of compromising positions. This is how one plays with dolls, isn’t it?

What follows is a series of photostories illustrating the events which take place (SPOILER ALERT!) after Yaret and now adult Anna become a couple. The strips are in chronological order.

WARNING: Adult Situations / Juvenile Humor.

While waiting for his bride…

Yaret+Anna I: The First Photoshoot

Yaret+Anna II: By The Book

Yaret+Anna III: Comes With A Manual

Yaret+Anna IV: Schoolgirl Crush

Yaret+Anna V: Hair

Yaret+Anna VI: Pillow Talk ::: По-Русски – ЗДЕСЬ!

Yaret+Anna VII: She Said No ::: По-Русски – ЗДЕСЬ!

Yaret+Anna VIII: Yes We Can! ::: По-Русски – ЗДЕСЬ!

Yaret+Anna IX: The Gift

Yaret+Anna X: Morning Light ::: По-Русски – ЗДЕСЬ!

Yaret+Anna XI: Toys For Tots

Yaret+Anna XII: Peace ::: По-Русски – ЗДЕСЬ! NEW!



  1. Jacob Miller said,

    I can’t wait to read the book(s) that have emerged from the imagination of the one who has so wonderfully arranged her dolls in these great photostories. I will have to keep returning to this site as I do want to keep up with the latest.

    • Katyok said,

      Thank you! I have to keep reminding myself that the book is NOT about the dolls, that they are only illustrations… but they are too much fun!

  2. aernath said,

    Are you suuure it’s not about the dolls? ~_^ They do get demanding, and you’ll have to keep a close eye on them so they don’t take over! ^_^
    I’m so intrigued by the “backstory” of these two – since I was introduced to them as characters through the dolls. Sounds like a great story!

    • Katyok said,

      He he… you’re right, they do tend to take over.

  3. Natalia Egorova said,

    Катюша, это что-то потрясающее! Читать и совершенствоваться в английском теперь будет ещё интереснее. Ты – молодец и фантазер, видимо от Бога!

    • Katyok said,

      Спасибо, Наташа! Буду потихоньку переводить на русский.

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