Yaret + Anna: Pillow Talk

Anna: So, what kind of child were you?

Yaret: What do you wish to know?
Anna: I don’t know, like, what did you do all day when you were a boy?

Barefoot, like a cottar’s son, he would sneak out of the tall timberhalls of his ancestral homestead, leaving the human dwelling behind, not looking back.

He would scale the ramparts…

and walk into the wilderness.

Nature embraced him with the caress of sunlight…

and the scent of highland wildflowers…

and the whisper of butterfly wings.

The world breathed for him alone, and obeyed his desire, like a butterfly descending to his finger.

He would kiss the butterfly and feel the taste of nectar on his lips… He could still feel its sweetness…

Anna: So, tell me.
Yaret: There is nothing to tell.


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  1. Tiasdolls said,

    Beautifully illustrated.

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