Yaret+Anna: Schoolgirl Crush

Yaret: … gasp…

Anna: Oh, you’ve found my high school pictures.

Yaret: Uncanny… can this be you?

Anna: I did have a life before I met you, you know.

Yaret: Please take no offence, but you looked like a harlot.
Anna: Oh, that’s just the style, a naughty Catholic schoolgirl.
Yaret: In the 7th century Catholic girls were known for piety. Things must have changed more than I realized.

Yaret: I find this is appalling, yet… strangely arousing.

Anna: Welcome to the human condition, sweetheart.



  1. Jacob Miller said,

    Wonderful coordination of language and image to deliver a truly touching and humorous comment about the human condition. The work here just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait for the books to come out so I can buy this author’s work.

  2. Olga said,

    I thought he’d be more culturally aware by now 🙂
    Beautiful scenery, background bookshelves and everything else.
    Love the dynamic of the towel in the last 3 photos…

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